Caffeine linked to rapid testicle growth, stronger sex drive in male fruit flies

January 30, 2020

"A recent study, conducted by Macquarie University through the Hort Innovation-driven SITPlus initiative, has revealed that male Queensland Fruit Flies (Q-fly) reach sexual maturation faster after consuming caffeine supplements, partially d


ue to a rapid increase in reproductive organ size.


Researchers also found that caffeine fed Q-flies become sexually active in 6-8 days while normal Q-flies take 10-12 days. The flies were also keen to mate for a longer period before losing interest. 


Researcher Saleh Mohammad Adnan said the finding has the potential to make sterile insect technique (SIT) that focusses on QLD Fruit Flies even more effective."


Read the full Hort Innovation media release here





Saleh Adnan is a Fruit Fly ITTC affiliated postgraduate based at Macquarie University. He has recently submitted his PhD titled 'Dietary methoprene and yeast hydrolysate as pre-release supplements for Q-fly SIT'

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