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SA is moving to protect the fruit industry by releasing millions of sterile flies

Almost 100 million sterile fruit flies will be released across Adelaide as authorities battle to contain eight fruit fly outbreaks.

Sterile flies will be released in the suburbs of Blair Athol, Croydon Park, Angle Park, Rosewater, Semaphore Park, Pooraka, Campbelltown and Klemzig.

Once released, the flies mate with remaining wild flies and the sterile flies then overwhelm the wild fly population.

Primary Industries Minister David Basham said the use of sterile flies was a key weapon in helping to eradicate the metropolitan outbreaks.

"With eight outbreaks across metropolitan Adelaide we must use every tool at our disposal to defend against this devastating plant pest," he said.

"Our fruit fly status gives our food producers a market advantage around the world and enables them to grow fruit without the need for pesticides or costly treatments.

"Not only can fruit fly be devastating for our primary producers but as we are seeing right now it has a huge impact on everyday backyard growers."

Locals are also being urged to remove all ripe fruit from trees, pick up any that has fallen to the ground, and to not travel across the state with any fresh fruit or vegetables.

Acknowledgement: this article was reproduced from a media release by The West Australian.