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Recent PhD submission: Vivek Kempraj

Fruit Fly ITTC student Vivek Kempraj has recently submitted his PhD thesis at Macquarie University, congratulations!

Thesis title: Queensland Fruit Fly-Predator Interaction: A Chemical Ecology Perspective

Predator and prey use infochemicals for survival. In terrestrial ecosystems, infochemicals are fundamental source of information for organisms and are detected through olfaction. In this thesis, we identified potential predators, studied behaviours of Bactrocera tryoni (Q-fly) and prospected infochemicals involved in the interaction of Q-fly and their predators. Q-flies detected and responded differentially towards infochemicals from different predators. Further investigations identified a compound from the green tree ants that repelled ovipositing Q-flies. Field trials demonstrated effectiveness of the identified compound in repelling Q-flies. Conclusively, the active compound can be used as a pest control agent in managing Q-flies.