Recent PhD submission: Sushil Gaire

Fruit Fly ITTC student Sushil Gaire has recently submitted his PhD thesis at Macquarie University, congratulations!

Thesis title: Refinement of production and delivery operations to improve quality of sterile Queensland fruit fly, Bactrocera tryoni (Diptera: Tephritidae)

"My PhD thesis focuses on assessing and refining quality control (QC) protocols, established for tephritids by FAO/IAEA/USDA, for mass rearing of Queensland fruit fly (Q-fly) to improve production and delivery of sterile flies. The QC parameters were investigated in relation to variation in key processes. A series of investigations on the different components of the mass production system of sterile Q-flies such as domestication, sterilisation, transportation, and preparation of release were pursued, and recommendations are made in order to ensure the highest possible standard of monitoring of the fly quality".


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