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Recent PhD submission: Stephen Sharpe

We would like to congratulate Fruit Fly ITTC student Stephen Sharpe for recently submitting his PhD thesis at Western Sydney University!

Thesis title: RNA virus diversity, prevalence and host effects in Australian tephritid fruit flies

"The aim of this research was to investigate natural enemies and their role in Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni) biology and ecology. It investigates three key aspects of insect-specific RNA viruses in Australian tephritid fruit flies: virus diversity, prevalence and responses to environmental variables, and host effects, by using genomic, molecular analysis of laboratory and field specimens and laboratory experiments. It contributes to the field of insect-specific viruses and their epidemiology as well as provides valuable information for fruit fly mass-rearing programs such as sterile insect technique (SIT)."

Photo: Stephen Sharpe at Western Sydney University after submitting his PhD thesis (Source: Stephen Sharpe).