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Recent PhD submission: Sharon Towett-Kirui

We would like to congratulate Fruit Fly ITTC student Sharon Towett-Kirui for recently submitting her PhD thesis at Western Sydney University!

Thesis title: Molecular characterisation of the twisted wing endoparasitoid Dipterophagus daci (Strepsiptera) and its interactions with Wolbachia and multiple tephritid fruit fly host species

"Fruit flies have diverse interactions with other species such as parasitoids and

endosymbionts. Such interactions can impact the interacting partners. My thesis applies molecular techniques to investigates the interaction between Australian tephritids, a Strepsipteran endoparasitoid, Dipterophagus daci and Wolbachia. The aim of my research is to increase knowledge about the biology and ecology of this unique strepsipteran with a possibly important role in fruit fly population dynamics."

Photo: Sharon Towett-Kirui at Western Sydney University after submitting her PhD thesis (Source: Sharon Towett-Kirui).