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Recent PhD completion: Sally Noushini

Sally Noushini

Macquarie University & Plant & Food Research, New Zealand

Accepted December 2020

Studying Volatile Emissions of Fruit Flies as Chemical Lures

My PhD thesis provides the chemical profiles of rectal gland contents and emissions of four pest species, Bactrocera musae, B. frauenfeldi, B. bryoniae and B. kraussi, by using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. My research project evaluates the detection and function of natural blends of both sexes that is an important aspect for understanding fruit fly sexual biology and can also provide valuable knowledge for the development of attractants that can be used for fruit fly monitoring and control.

I also examined the most common techniques for sampling rectal glands and headspace volatile compounds of fruit flies, using B. tryoni as a model organism. I found that biases that can be introduced by sampling methods are important considerations when interpreting volatile profiles of fruit flies, and when comparing species.

Overall, my PhD study provides insight into the development of new lures for fruit fly control and provides guidelines for method selection for fruit fly pheromone studies.