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Recent PhD completion: Binh Nguyen

Binh Nguyen

Macquarie University

Accepted December 2020

“Impact of microbiota on the life-history traits of a polyphagous fly”

The microbiota is well recognized as a key modulator of animal’s wellbeing, however, the effects of the microbiota on fitness traits and performance of current and future generations remain to be fully investigated. During her PhD, Binh measured the direct and transgenerational effects of manipulating the microbiota on host life-history traits and foraging behaviour of the Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni). Her work provides insights into the complex interplay between the insect host and its microbiota, highlighting the profound impacts of the microbiota at developmental and generational levels.

After submitting her thesis, Binh has been involved in different projects studying insect behavioural and physiological traits such as foraging, infection and egg-laying preference using Drosophila melanogaster as a model. Binh is interested in the application of microbiology, biotechnology, and the study of insect ecology for pest management, using sustainable and innovative approaches for controlling horticultural and agricultural insect pests.