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Queensland fruit fly found in central Victoria

Queensland fruit fly (QFF) has been detected in Castlemaine, Harcourt and Harcourt North, according to Mount Alexander Shire council.

Grow Great Fruit, an organic fruit orchard at the foot of Mount Alexander, said it found QFF on its farm.

Photo: A peach infested with fruit fly (Source: Anthony Pinda).

Ways to control QFF include the use of traps, exclusion netting and regular inspection of ripening fruit for maggots and sting marks.

If QFF is detected, Agriculture Victoria said it is essential that produce is disposed of properly. Do not put untreated product in your compost or directly into your bins.

To stop the life cycle of QFF and prevent spread, microwave unwanted fruit or vegetables to kill any maggots and place the produce in a plastic bag, seal it and leave it in the sun for five to seven days or place it in a freezer for two days.

You can then discard the bagged, treated fruit or vegetables in your rubbish.

For more information about Queensland fruit fly, click here.

Acknowledgement: this article was reproduced from a media release by Bendigo Advertiser.