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National Fruit Fly Strategy 2020-2025 now available

The National Fruit Fly Strategy 2020-2025 (NFFS) has been developed by the National Fruit Fly Council to provide a framework for ongoing stakeholder cooperation to support a contemporary, viable, cost-effective and coordinated national approach to fruit fly management. The strategy applies to all endemic and non-endemic species of fruit fly.

The strategic objectives of the 2020–25 NFFS are to:

  • Maintain Australia’s freedom from exotic fruit fly;

  • Minimise the incidence and spread of fruit fly;

  • Implement national systems that support market access;

  • Facilitate a cooperative and committed national approach to fruit fly management.

Eight different, yet interdependent, priority areas are also identified in the strategy: market access, management of established fruit fly, prevention, preparedness and response, research, surveillance, diagnostics, communication and engagement, and cooperation.


Download the Strategy.

Download NFFS Fact Sheet.

Visit the National Fruit Fly Council dedicated page to learn more about the NFFS 2020-2025.