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Lindsay Point fruit fly outbreak lifted

Quarantine restrictions were lifted on the 20th January 2020 due to the successful eradication of Queensland fruit fly. 

The outbreak was declared in May 2019. In response an eradication program commenced, which included baiting, hygiene operations and the release of sterile fruit flies within the 1.5km outbreak area.

While Lindsay Point is in Victoria, it forms part of the South Australian Riverland Pest Free Area. With the lifting of the quarantine, Riverland citrus growers within the suspension area can now resume access to domestic markets without the requirement of additional treatments. Restoring market access with international markets is also in progress, with the aim to have export arrangements back in place as soon as possible.

Restrictions still apply for people bringing fruit, vegetables and other plant products into South Australia. A zero tolerance approach is also in place at random quarantine roadblock operations in South Australia. Make sure you visit the PIRSA website here for more information.

For more information visit the PIRSA article here.