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Fruit fly operation in Northcote NZ comes to an end

Almost a year has gone by since the first discovery of a Q-fly in a trap in February 2019. Today Biosecurity New Zealand has announced that the Northcote fruit fly operations and movement restrictions of fruit and vegetables on Auckland's North Shore has ended.

It has been 6 months since a fly was was found in the area. 

Timeline of single male Queensland fruit fly discoveries in Northcote NZ, 2019;

20th Feb - First discovery of a single male Queensland fruit fly

23rd Feb - Second discovery

28th Feb – Third discovery, 270 metres from where the last was found

4th Mar – Fourth discovery, approximately 80 metres from where the last was found

10th Mar – Fifth discovery, 60 metres from where the last was found

14th Mar - Sixth discovery, 650 metres south of the original find

25th Apr - Seventh discovery, 460 metres away from the area the first six where discovered

10th May - Eighth discovery, 1.6 kilometres away from where the last fly was found

For more information visit the Biosecurity New Zealand website here

This work is based on/includes MPI data which is licensed by Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) for re-use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.