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Caffeine linked to rapid testicle growth, stronger sex drive in male fruit flies

A recent study, conducted by Macquarie University through the Hort Innovation-driven SITPlus initiative, has revealed that male Queensland Fruit Flies (Q-fly) reach sexual maturation faster after consuming caffeine supplements, partially due to a rapid increase in reproductive organ size.

Researchers also found that caffeine fed Q-flies become sexually active in 6-8 days while normal Q-flies take 10-12 days. The flies were also keen to mate for a longer period before losing interest. 

Researcher Dr Saleh Mohammad Adnan said the finding has the potential to make sterile insect technique (SIT) that focusses on Q-flies even more effective.

Read the full Hort Innovation media release here.

Photo: Dr Saleh Adnan, Applied BioSciences, Macquarie University.