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Become a fruit fly fighter

The Greater Sunrasia Pest Free Area has launched a new initiative, Become a fruit fly fighter. In this challenge, community support officers will coach participants on how to manage their trees for Queensland fruit fly (Q-fly) and provide them with some of the key resources they need to protect their fruits, including free traps and insect exclusion nets. What is included in the program?

  • Introduction package including Q-fly management resources;

  • One-on-one coaching in managing fruit trees;

  • Access to technical expert-led webinars;

  • Traps that will be refilled or replaced during the challenge (organic trap options are available if preferred);

  • Two insect exclusion nets, with training on how to use them;

  • Optional free tree removal;

  • Non Q-fly-host vegetable seeds to plant in your garden (e.g. leafy greens, carrots or herbs);

  • Monthly check-ins with a community support officer until end of autumn 2021.

Who is eligible? Home gardeners who:

  • Live in town, or on a residential block in rural areas, within the Victorian section of the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area;

  • Have two or more Q-fly host trees in their garden; 

  • Are interested in learning how to manage the Q-fly.

See the full eligibility criteria on the challenge webpage.