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Fruit fly free in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales

Albury Wodonga Fight the Fruit Fly Association

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Pherobase: A database of Pheromones and Semiochemicals, including fruit flies



18 November 2016 Premier of South Australia

World-leading facility boosts national defence against fruit fly


22 September 2016 The Advertiser

South Australia’s largest fruit fly outbreak in decade went undiscovered while inspectors went on holiday


21 November 2016 Domar

Groundbreaking sterile fruit fly facility opens in South Australia


28 September 2016 The Advertiser

Keeping our horticultural industries fruit fly free needs a coordinated approach across three states


07 November 2016 City of West Torrens

Fruit fly action


27 September 2016 The Advertiser

Fruit fly campaigns need a new buzz


31 August 2016 Mildura Independent

Fruit Fly traps catch first outbreak of fruit flies this season


09 August 2016 Premier of Victoria

Growers given critical boost to manage fruit fly


20 July 2016 Elders Real Estate

Victoria takes the fight to the fruit fly


11 June 2016 Premier of Victoria

Victoria And South Australia Tackle Fruit Fly Head On


11 June 2016 Premier of South Australia

States unite to fight fruit fly as world-class SIT facility gets more funding


08 June 2016 Liberal Tasmania

New strategy to protect Tasmania from fruit fly


08 June 2016 The Advocate

State government launches strategy to manage fruit fly free status


01 June 2016 Farm Online

GM insects trialled to control medfly


26 May 2016 Hortidaily

China recognises first mainland Australia region as fruit fly free


26 May 2016 ABC

Maggots bred in Perth to displace Mediterranean fruit fly


20 May 2016 The City of Unley

Update: Fruit Fly Outbreak in the Unley Area


18 May 2016 The Weekly Times

Sterile fruit flies released as part of combat program


16 May 2016 Mildura Rural City Council

Queensland Fruit Fly update


29 April 2016 Good Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit Fly Council bolstered by new members


07 April 2016 ABC

Adelaide fruit fly outbreak quarantines in place till Christmas


06 April 2016 Radio New Zealand

Fourteen flies cost $15.7m to eradicate


06 April 2016 ABC

Fruit fly outbreak declared in Adelaide's inner southern suburb of Highgate


28 March 2016 Sydney Morning Herald

Tiny fruit fly sours Australia's big ambitions in agriculture


20 March 2016 Lenswood & Forest Range Community Association

Adelaide Hills growers want fruit fly free status recognised globally


09 March 2016 Government of Western Australia

Bright future for Carnarvon horticulture


06 March 2016 Farm Online

States take fruit fly fight to backyards


29 February 2016 Asiafruit

Fruitfly threat for Tasmania


25 February 2016 Premier of South Australia

Fruit fly outbreak in Clarence Park


22 February 2016 ABC

Fears fruit fly could jeopardise export markets in Tasmania


16 February 2016 Caravan World

Fruit Fly Exclusion Zones


25 January 2016 Maori Television

Tau fruit fly found in New Zealand


21 January 2016 Good Fruit & Vegetables

Perth family tries to smuggle massive prohibited fruit haul into WA




04 December 2015 BBC

New Zealand: Officials declare victory over fruit fly


04 December 2015 New Zealand Herald

Ministry declares New Zealand fruit fly free


04 December 2015 New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries

Fruit fly eradicated from Auckland and restrictions lifted


04 December 2015 Echo News

GM fruit fly trial tackles pest


02 December 2015 Genetic Literacy Project

Western Australia to begin trials of GM medflies in attempt to control pest


01 December 2015 WA Today

Qfly outbreak: eight Perth suburbs in quarantine zone


01 December 2015 Melville Times

Queensland fruit fly is back in WA


26 November 2015 Tech Times

Genetically Modified Fruit Fly May Solve Pest Problems


24 November 2015 Scimex

EXPERT REACTION: Genetically modified fruit fly to be trialled in WA


24 November 2015 BBC

Australia trial for GM fruitfly


09 November 2015 Tasmania Talks

Focus on Tasmanian biosecurity and risk of fruit fly


26 October 2015 Rural Weekly

Fenthion to be banned in October 2015


05 October 2015 Fresh Fruit Portal

Australia: Fenthion ban to come into effect


16 September 2015 ABC

Tasmanian farmers want State Government explanation of Biosecurity Tasmania $1.9 million budget deficit revelations


14 September 2014 Sunshine Coast Daily

Bring back flavour to stone fruit


31 August 2015 Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association

Important notice - fenthion use must cease after October 2015


23 July 2015 Farm Online

HIA to build fruit fly centre


10 June 2015 Horti Daily

Hort growers lose fruit fly pesticide fight


02 June 2015 Newstalk ZB

More Queensland fruit fly larvae found


28 May 2015 Citrus Australia

Torres Strait strategy: preventing another Papaya fruit fly outbreak


14 May 2015 Premier of Victoria

New Five Year Action Plan To Tackle Queensland Fruit Fly


02 May 2015 Television New Zealand

More fruit flies, larvae found in Auckland suburb


09 March 2015 ABC

New Zealand traps more pest Queensland fruit flies in Auckland and delays cricket spectators at airports


24 February 2015 Brisbane Times

Kiwis doing their nana over Queensland fruit fly


23 February 2015 Scoop Independent News

NZ at risk from growing fruit fly problem in Australia: Key


13 February 2015 Victorian Labor

Funding boost for Queensland fruit fly management


02 February 2015 The Border Mail

Worst fruit fly outbreak in five years


23 January 2015 The Weekly Times
Queensland Fruit Fly now out of control across Victoria


13 January 2015 SBS

Challenges ahead for growers without fruit fly 'silver bullet'


07 January 2015 Sunraysia Daily

Fruit fly disaster: Mildura garden infested



14 November 2014 Good Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit flies the secret weapon for NT mangoes


13 November 2014 The Land

Fenthion ruling bitter sweet


26 October 2014 The Observer

Fenthion to be banned in October 2015


23 October 2014 Farm Weekly

Fenthion extension gives harvest relief


21 October 2014 Apple & Pear Australia Ltd

Help needed to control fruit fly following fenthion ban


17 October 2014 Fresh Plaza

Some stonefruit growers to leave industry due to fenthion ban


16 October 2014 ABC

Fruit growers given 12 months to phase out fenthion use


16 October 2014 The Weekly Times

Review of fruit fly pesticide fenthion to be released Thursday


11 August 2014 AgriHort Communications

Horticulture Australia signals renewed focus on fruit fly control to remove $300 million trade barrier


22 July 2014 Community News

Fenthion review extended to July 31


20 July 2014 Australian Mangoes

Fruit fly research to improve market access


10 July 2014 Grower News

Aussie fruit growers await Senate findings on fenthion restrictions


07 July 2014 Science Learning

Whangarei fruit fly find a worry


16 June 2014 The Weekly Times

Mediterranean fruit fly eradication works to begin in Western Australia


12 May 2014 NSW Farmers

Strategy for fruit fly control welcomed


11 May 2014 Sunlive

Sterile males part of Australia fruit fly strategy


02 May 2014 Good Fruit & Vegetables

WA orchardists vent Fenthion frustration


03 April 2014 NZ Herald

Second Queensland fruit fly found in Whangarei


12 March 2014 Echo Net Daily

Restricted pesticide named as bird killer


08 February 2014 Radio New Zealand

Queensland fruit fly alert over


30 January 2014 Liberal Party of South Australia

Another Fruit Fly Outbreak in South Australia


22 January 2014 Australian Resources

Good news for Queensland growers following fruit fly infestation


20 January 2014 The Australian

Drought, fires, imports ... now fruit fly





28 July 2013 AgHort Communications

Citrus growers fear fallout from Victoria fruit fly decision


09 May 2013 City of Charles Sturt

Fruit Fly Outbreak


17 April 2013

Tomatoes to be zapped with radiation to destroy insects after new food standards declared


09 April 2013 Great Taste Magazine

China ignores Southern Australia’s fruit fly protocols





30 November 2012 The Australian

Farmers fleeing fruit fly blame red tape, spray ban


29 November 2012 Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia

Queensland fruit fly - its everyone’s problem


26 November 2012 KondinGroup

Queensland fruit fly escapes endemic status


21 November 2012 Queensland Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Queensland produce gains easier access to Victoria


15 November 2012 Food Safety Australia
Should fenthion be banned?


05 November 2012 ECOS

Pesticides regulator restricts use of fruit-fly control agent


17 October 2012 Dr Chris Black, Liberal Senator for Western Australia

Concern over the possible ban of fruit fly spray


13 September 2012 Rural Weekly

New strategy to manage fruit fly


12 September 2012 Bendigo Advertiser

Fruit fly warning in Harcourt region


06 September 2012 Farm Online

Fruit fly real threat


23 August 2012 Liberal South Australia

Riverland on its own with fruit fly?


25 May 2012 Food & Beverage Industry News

Worst fruit fly outbreak period in VIC: motorists warned to dump fruit


23 May 2012 Victoria Tourism Industry Council

Tourism operators urged to help raise awareness of fruit fly


01 March 2012 Mango World Magazine

Broome becoming a hub for fruit flies


01 February 2012 Farm Online

Fruit fly outbreak declared at Ottoway





20 December 2011 Farm Biosecurity

Fruit fly exclusion zone: ‘No fruit, no veg, no fine’


17 August 2011 The Advisor

De Pieri joins campaign against fruit fly


02 August 2011 Top News Arab Emirates

A Single Fruit Fly Jeopardizes $120 Million Export Industry


03 March 2011 Radio New Zealand

Nervous watch on Australia fruit fly outbreak





18 January 2010 Australian Food Network

Prominent Victorian growing region confirmed as fruit fly-free


12 January 2010 Stock & Land

Fruit fly outbreak at Mildura




15 May 2007 The Examiner

Woolworths fined $2000 over fruit fly


08 May 2007 Brisbane Times

Fruit fly larvae came to Tas from Qld

Fruit Flies in the Media