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Upcoming events


26 October 2020

Phytosanitary Irradiation


Join the National Fruit Fly Council for a webinar on phytosanitary irradiation. The webinar will cover a range of topics including an explanation of irradiation, labelling requirements, research, consumer perceptions, and international acceptance of irradiation as a phytosanitary measure.


2-6 November 2020

Americas Congress on Fruit Flies - 10th TWWH Meeting


Americas Congress on Fruit Flies is an international event that brings together experts from all countries of the Western Hemisphere, in the American continent, to promote the exchange of knowledge on prevention, eradication, and control of fruit flies among members of the scientific and academic communities. It takes place during the 10th Meeting of Tephritids Workers of Western Hemisphere - TWWH.

Visit the event website for more information.


11-25 November 2020

Entomology For All


The Entomological Society of America (ESA) is building a new and exciting virtual meeting embracing this year’s theme, Entomology for All, to be where all insect scientists can participate and share their work, regardless of location, specialty area, or ability to travel. Entomology 2020 will feature multiple livestreams running simultaneously November 16-19 with On-Demand content available from November 11-25.

Past events


21 October 2020

Plant volatile organic compounds that affect the sexual behaviour of Anastrepha fraterculus males


With special guest Prof. Diego Segura.

Download the seminar brochure for more details.


This seminar is part of the Fruit Fly ITTC online seminar series.


5-9 October 2020

4th TEAM Meeting


The 4th Tephritid Workers of Europe, Africa and the Middle East (TEAM) Meeting is taking place in France and online for everyone with open and free access.

Visit the event website for more details.


25 September 2020

So you think you know SIT?


Join the National Fruit Fly Council for a webinar on the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) for fruit fly. The webinar will include sessions on the SITPlus Q-fly program (about the program, reasons to use SIT, and the achievements and future of the program), SIT research and Med-fly SIT in Western Australia (the experience in Carnarvon, technical aspects of SIT, and the proposed use of SIT in the current Q-fly incursion).


14-19 September 2020

BugFest 2020: a virtual infestation


Join BugFest, the event that will allow you to interact with entomologists from North Carolina and around the world to learn about the fascinating world of bugs. The event will comprise of SIX days of buggy adventures and it celebrates the 2020 arthropod theme: FLIES!

This event is hosted by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.


16 September 2020

The effect of climate change on pest populations


This webinar will focus on mitigating the risk of sudden pest populations and include the following topics:
• What is climate variability?
• How pest populations can change with climate.
• Practical methods to mitigate the risk of sudden and unexpected pest populations.

This webinar is hosted by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF).


9 September 2020

Australian Mangoes weekly pre-season webinar series


Christina Cook, Manager of the National Fruit Fly Council, is speaking with mango growers about fruit fly research and national fruit fly issues at the first of Australian Mangoes’ weekly pre-season webinars.


27 July - 3 August 2020

Fruit Fly Chemical Ecology Online Roundtable Discussions


Dedicated to the participants of the Chemical Ecology Online Workshop: our speakers will return for a series of small group discussions. The event aims to bring together researchers to develop solutions to research-related challenges and it provides a valuable opportunity for networking and prospective collaboration. Download the event program.


This online event is supported by the Research Attraction and Acceleration Program (RAAP) of the NSW Department of Industry.


7 July 2020

A computer model of trap networks, field experiments in parametrisation, and application against invasive fruit flies and other insects


With special guest Dr Nick Manoukis.


Download the event brochure for more information.

This online seminar is organised by the Fruit Fly ITTC and co-hosted with Applied BioSciences at Macquarie University.


4-25 June 2020

Fruit Fly Chemical Ecology Online Workshop


World experts in the field of Chemical Ecology will take turns to showcase the latest technologies and findings of this field using fruit flies as model insect species. Download the event program.

This online event is supported by the Research Attraction and Acceleration Program (RAAP) of the NSW Department of Industry.